Slam Sounds aka Arturas Grybe is a multi-talented Lithuanian born Producer/Dj. He originated from a town called Marijampole in the south of Lithuania. Small town life encouraged creativity.
       At the age of 15 he started a Hip Hop band Ganja Cru, where he began his music career as an Mc. Rapidly, the group began to gain recognition on the Lithuanian Hip Hop scene and started performing at various events. Eventually, the group paved the way for emerging artists such as leading Lithuanian Hip Hop musicians Shmekla Vaiper, now known as Despotin Fam. Under Ganja Cru they have made an abundance of Hip Hop songs and released singles on Lithuanian Hip Hop compilation series 'Ultimatiumas'. Ganja Cru continued until Slam Sounds decided to move over to London, UK.
       Living in London organically opened his mind to a much broader world of music. Apart from gaining a solid degree in Music Culture and its Production & Theory, this music  breathing individual is also DJing at various events in London, meanwhile producing his own always forward thinking independent material. Slam Sounds has received musical commissions from well established companies such as clothing retailer ASOS, tea makers Twinings, Wonderland magazine etc. alongside his release on well known Lithuanian future-music focused compilation Renegades of Bump 'Ritmo Kovos III' (Beat Battle III) and the dropping of full 5 track EP named 'Invisible Forces'.  
       Today, Slam Sounds music has many diverse influences ranging from heavy yet melodic Post-Dubstep vibes, experimental electronic J-Dilla inspired Hip Hop grooves, twists of 2-step Garage, sweet Dub melodies, Trap energy, Deep House sounds, Detroit Techno percussion, 80s Soul synth and everything from organic off-beat patterns to electric analogue bleeps, clicks and lasers... Currently, Slam Sounds is working on his latest EP 'HEAT WAVE' which is coming out at the end of April 2014. Keep an ear out for it!